How do I issue a bond on Amet Finance?

Issuing a bond on Amet Finance involves defining your bond parameters (amount, interest rate, maturity period, etc.), creating the bond on the platform, and launching it to potential investors. The process is designed to be straightforward, guiding issuers at every step. Check here for more.

What fees are involved in issuing bonds?

Issuers are subject to three main fees: a fixed issuance fee, a purchase fee percentage from each bond sold, and a capitulation redeem fee for early redemptions. Check here for the most up-to-date fee details.

Can I modify my bond after issuance?

Post-issuance, certain bond parameters cannot be altered to ensure trust and stability for investors. However, issuers can manage bond supply, decrease maturity period, settle bonds, change owner, and withdraw excess payout.

How does the capitulation redeem fee work?

This fee is deducted from bondholders' payouts if they redeem their bonds before maturity. It's designed to discourage early redemptions and ensure bond stability. Excess fees collected become available for the issuer to withdraw.

Are the fees on Amet Finance subject to change?

Yes, fees can change based on market conditions or operational costs. For already issued bonds fees can be changed if the issuer agrees. Always refer to the issue page for the latest fee information.

What happens if a bond does not sell out?

Issuers have the option to reduce the bond supply if it doesn't sell out. Unsold bonds can be managed within the platform to align with the issuer's financial strategies.

How can I attract more investors to my bond?

Providing a clear and detailed bond description, maintaining transparency about the use of funds, and offering competitive interest rates can help attract investors. Engaging with the community and promoting your bond can also increase visibility.

Where can I find more support or guidance?

For additional support, issuers can refer to the detailed documentation on Amet Finance, reach out to our support team, or engage with the community on our designated communication channels.

How do I track my bond's performance?

Amet Finance provides issuers with tools to monitor their bond's performance, including real-time data on purchases, redemptions, and overall engagement, accessible through the issuer's dashboard.

For further assistance, you can reach out via our support email, consult the comprehensive help section on our website, or join community discussions on our Discord channel.

These FAQs aim to address common questions and concerns for new and existing issuers, ensuring a smooth and informed issuance experience on Amet Finance.

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